Put your passion to work.


  • Identify your career area of impact.

  • Create a roadmap to getting what you want out of your career.

  • Become confident and adaptable to move forward.



Career Jumpstart

$10,000 GYD. 

Payments can be made to mmg (592) 6414342

Sunbeam Career Jumpstart is a 6-week online learning course provided through step-by-step learning and tools to promote skills building and practical applications. As an introductory offer you will get 2 complimentary coaching sessions with our Coordinators.

This course is designed to give Millennials and Gen Z individuals a head start in discovering and designing their career path. By 'Beginning with the End in Mind' and setting a framework to  'Let Your Light Shine' we will build a road map so that you can be confident and successful in going after your aspirations.

Course Content

Detailed weekly breakdown

  • Week 1: Discover who you are and what you really want from your career.

  • Week 2: Discover how to identify opportunities and how to manage challenges and uncertainties.

  • Week 3: Create an action plan and start taking action.

  • Week 4: Understand how to establish relationships.

  • Week 5: Gain the tools to transition into a Career or Education.

  • Week 6: Orient to the needs and behaviours necessary for successful implementation of action plans.



Ian Bascom

 I have been actively involved in the academic, professional and psycho social support of Youth for approximately 13 years. I have worked extensively in the field of Social Work as a Psycho-Social Counsellor. I also have experience as an Entrepreneur, a Project Officer, and an Educator. I am a holder of a Diploma in Marketing and a Degree in Business Management from the University of Guyana and a Diploma in Customer Service from Customer service Academy of Trinidad and Tobago .

I am under the firm belief that youths are the movers and shakers of tomorrow as they pilot the nation’s voyage into the future.


Samuel Thompson

I am a Secondary level teacher, a Personality Development Trainer and the Founder and CEO of Living Life Consultancy.

I believe that making decisions is not always a simple task but it is very important to becoming the person you wish to be; it cannot be avoided. My desire is to help increase the ability of others to make the decisions that will shape lives.

I have a Diploma in Public Management from the University of Guyana, and a Diploma in Psychology from the American University of Peace Studies.

 Sunbeam Career Development serves as an effective beacon for those who are choosing to be a part of the professional environment.

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Jewel Nunes

I found my purpose in  HR and am passionate about Public Sector development. My mission daily is to positively impact organizational and human development.

I have jumpstarted my passion and purpose as an Employee Benefits Officer. 

I have transitioned from an educational background of Business Management and Accountancy from the University of Guyana. 

I love all things HR and I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help others to pursue their purpose and passions.


We walk you through a check point system by seeking answers to:


  1. Where are you now?

  2. Where would you like to be?

  3. What are the gaps between?

  4. What are the opportunities?

  5. What is the strategy?

  6. How can you execute?

  7. How can you align to success?