Elon Alonzo

Founder and Programs Director

I am passionate about Youth Development and sharing my story of Career Development. Planning, research, and impactful influences on my journey have allowed me to gain confidence, skills, and connections; to pursue Education and transition to Employment. I have not spent more than 3 months in unemployment without choice.


Today, I am a Project Officer and a Career Development Enthusiast. I spend my days on a quest to live and stand in my life's purpose. I am a helper, encourager, and advocate of Youth Development. I love volunteering.


 I have 6 years of experience in Brand and Business Development. Academically, I have a certificate in Coaching for Managers and am a Certified Associate in Project Management, holder of an Sc in International Relations and MSc in Public Sector Management.

​I can't wait to connect and partner with you all in our endeavours to 'Let Our Lights Shine'. That's my favourite mantra. :)  


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Sunbeam Career Development harnesses its By Youth For Youth's scope to leverage research-based and experiential  Learning and Development through diverse stakeholders creating opportunities for youth to succeed in school and the workforce today and tomorrow.

Our History

Sunbeam Career Development was conceptualized due to alarming reports from Youth across the Caribbean that despite receiving an education felt they were not confident or fully prepared to successfully transition from education to the world of work. It began in 2020 with the creation of the Sunbeam Mentorship Program, a Facebook page, and a network dedicated to promoting career and professional development. The network created and executed the Sunbeam Career Development Camp where over 75 Youth were impacted and provided with skills development and assistance in creating and executing career plans. 

Many Youths across the Caribbean need guidance and development to ensure that they are ready and can successfully transition to career paths. It was with this in mind that Sunbeam Career Development was launched as an organization to sustainably provide opportunities for learning and development through training and coaching. The organization was designed using course development and a strong Corporate Social Responsibility to Youth Development to focus on creating Self-Managers; empowered to create their future.

Our Mission

To create learning and development services for Youth to develop along their career paths.

Our Vision

For every Youth to be afforded Career Development opportunities to become empowered and prepared for a successful future.

Our Strategy

Sunbeam Career Development utilizes research and experience-based techniques to help Youth to create their career paths. The programs are designed 'For Youth By Youth' or with the support of individuals committed to Youth empowerment.

Our Values

Self Management:            the ability to create our own futures.
Purpose:                               to have a meaning and dedication to service.

Adaptability:                       the resilience to adjust and manoeuvre through any circumstance.

Innovation:                         being able to create, change, and add value.

Diversity:                             recognition of the value of differences, uniqueness, and change.

Professionalism:              consistently achieving high standards.

Confidentiality:                 commitment to privacy and relationships built on trust.




"To increase the confidence and preparedness of every Youth to successfully transition into the workforce and create their future”